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Men's Green Shorts

Men's Green Shorts

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This is the rigged 3D model of men's green swimming shorts and colourful flip-flops.


 Size 0.25 GB
 UE 5.0+
 PBR Yes
Texture size 4k
Topology quad
Polycount 15.210 triangels
Rigged Yes
Animated No


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Designed to plug and play with Unreal Engine 5 - Featuring high texture fidelity, morphology skinned for all Metahuman body sizes and a hand crafted, game ready topology. An unskinned and clean source file is included with the product.


After you unzipp downloaded file, you have two options to use new assets in UE5:
A. Doubleclick onClothingTemplate.unproject file to open project in UE5 (file is located in VR4Dxxxxxx_MT_UE5 folder)
B. Copy data from VR4D folder into your project's Content folder (VR4D is located in content folder).

There are only few steps left to enjoy your new clothes:
A. Change mannequin
1. Open blueprint BP_ExampleManny.uasset located in folder VR4DxxxxxxMT_UE5\Content\VR4D\clothingname\Blueprints

2. In the blueprint, locate the three nodes under the "Body mesh" section.
(See picture below marked with red "MH_tall_normal" on top, "MH_tall_thin" in the middle, and "MH_tall_fat" at the bottom.)
3. In each of the nodes, change the Skeletal Mesh component to the new mannequin you want to use.
4. Save the changes to the blueprint file.