Naming Conventions

By reading these naming conventions you should obtain clear understanding on content and structure of your purchased assets. Filenames consist of several tokens depending on file type.

File name Description
Downloadable files Filename of final ZIP files published on store consists of product unique code and variant (AT,MT, VFX)
Product Variants VR4D016788 First 10 characters represent unique product code. It is common for all files associated with product.
VR4D016788_AT AT - represents 3D models adjusted by automatically generated retopology
VR4D016788_MT MT - represents 3D models optimized by manual retopology
VR4D016788_VFX VFX - represents high quality mashes with hundred thousands of polygons
GRA VR4D016788_AT_UE4 UE4 - ready for Unreal engine 4.26 and higher
VR4D016788_AT_UNITY UNITY - ready for UNITY ….
3D Meshes VR4D016788_AT_K008.fbx Four characters long code represents polygon count:
K at the beginning of the string stands for kilo (000) and M stands for million (000000).
VR4D016788_AT_K020.fbx All counts are rounded e.g. 3D mesh with 1.893 polygons will be coded as K002.
Textures VR4D016788_AT_K020_4K_Normal.png Within texture file name you'll find polygon count information explained above. Textures are suitable for all 3D meshes with the same or lower number of polygons.
VR4D016788_AT_K020_4K_AO.png Fourth token represents texture size. Most commonly used is 4K & 8K.
VR4D016788_AT_K020_4K_Metalic.png Last element of texture file name represents texture type.