UE5 clothes instructions

After you unzipp downloaded file, you have two options to use new assets in UE5:
A. Doubleclick onClothingTemplate.unproject file to open project in UE5 (file is located in VR4Dxxxxxx_MT_UE5 folder)
B. Copy data from VR4D folder into your project's Content folder (VR4D is located in content folder).

There are only few steps left to enjoy your new clothes:
A. Change mannequin
1. Open blueprint BP_ExampleManny.uasset located in folder VR4DxxxxxxMT_UE5\Content\VR4D\clothingname\Blueprints

2. In the blueprint, locate the three nodes under the "Body mesh" section.
(See picture below marked with red "MH_tall_normal" on top, "MH_tall_thin" in the middle, and "MH_tall_fat" at the bottom.)
3. In each of the nodes, change the Skeletal Mesh component to the new mannequin you want to use.
4. Save the changes to the blueprint file.