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3D Clothing: Windstopper Jacket

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3D Model of Windstopper Jacket crafted through Photogrammetry Scan

The 3D model of a Windstopper Jacket exemplifies the pinnacle of realistic 3D clothes, essential for cutting-edge 3D rendering. This virtual object, meticulously designed, seamlessly integrates into diverse digital environments, making it a perfect asset for game development and VFX for film. When donned by a 3D character, the jacket showcases intricate details, from fabric texture to dynamic movement, enhancing the visual authenticity. Whether for interactive gaming experiences or compelling cinematic scenes, this 3D model elevates the standard, offering unparalleled realism and immersion. 3D Windstopper Jacket is not just a piece of virtual clothing; it is a testament to the sophistication achievable in today's digital design.

Realistic 3D Model of Windstopper Jacket rigged as a Clothing for Metahuman in Unreal Engine

This 3D model of Windstopper Jacket t is customized to the Metahuman skeleton in Unreal Engine. It is designed for game development, VFX for film, VR, AR, XR, virtual production, and architectural visualization. Ideal for realistic 3D rendering, it is suitable for Metaverse characters.

Categorization of 3D clothing:

    Designed for:
    • Unreal Engine developers, Metahuman Clothing designers, Unity 3D developers, Game developers, VFX Artists, VR, AR and XR developers, Visualizers of architecture, Metaverse creators, Virtual production creators
    • This is a rigged 3D Model of Windstopper Jacket.
    Technical specification of the 3D model:
    Size 1.0 GB
    Unreal Engine 5.3+
    PBR Yes
    Texture size 4k
    Topology triangle
    Polycount 224k triangles 
    Rigged Yes
    Animated No

    After payment, you will receive a downloadable link containing a package. This package includes a 3D model and various types of texture maps: Albedo, Roughness, Metallic, Normal, and Ambient Occlusion.

    3D Model Windstopper Jacket front left
    3D Model Windstopper Jacket  front
    3D Model Windstopper Jacket front right
    3D Model Windstopper Jacket back right
    3D Model Windstopper Jacket  back
    3D Model Windstopper Jacket front wireframe
    3D Model Windstopper Jacket front albedo
    3D Model Windstopper Jacket front roughness
    3D Model Windstopper Jacket AO
    3D Model Windstopper Jacket clay