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Women's Suede Heels

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Realistic 3D model, woman's fashion, footwaer, heels

3D Clothing rigged and skinned on a Metahuman skeleton in Unreal Engine.

3D clothing, digital design, 3D fashion, woman's fashion

This 3D model of the woman's elegant suede high heels shoes detailed with scalloped edges.

The high quality of textures, materials and 3D models is achieved by photogrammetry scans of real clothes. It is rigged and skinned on the Metahuman skeleton in the Unril Engine. 

It also includes FBX 3D model intended for Game developers and designers, Movie VFX, Virtual reality, AR, XR, Virtual production, Visualization of architecture. Also suitable for characters in the Metaverse.

  • 3D model,  woman's fashion, footwaer, heels, clothing

  • 3D model, 3D Asset, virtual clothing, virtual fashion, 3D clothing, digital design, virtual clothing, 3D fashion, 3D apparel
  • 3D model, Realistic, Metahuman Clothing, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, VFX, VR, AR, XR

Package contains only one base color. By adjusting colors you can create countless  variations according to your preference.  

Size 2.15 GB
UE 5.0+
Texture size 4k
Topology triangle
Polycount  242.220
   30.916 triangels 
Rigged Yes
Animated No